Poverty in India  courtesy Steve Evans
by Steve Evans  Under Creative Copyright Attribution 2.0

Building a better world


An idea can be a powerful force. In responsible hands, it can be a force to guide a society onto a productive, sustainable path of progress. This organization is committed to nurturing ideas and to implementing them in ways that will benefit the world and societies we live in.

We welcome the participation of academics, political leaders, members of the business community, and all creative minds, to join us in developing new paradigms for the future.

As the world we live in grows increasingly more interdependent, public policies adopted by our community, business and elected leaders invariably have consequences outside of our own societies. Utilizing a non-partisan approach, we offer objective policy development and analysis to our clients.

The past few years have witnessed unparalleled growth in some sectors. Other areas have suffered as global economic integration continues unabated. Programs for economic development can be tailored, implemented, and monitored by our skilled staff. Working with NGO's, Not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and ministries, our consultants can tailor programs to address various economic, environmental and social needs.

Our International Partners draw on various capabilities within our group to continue offering a broad spectrum of services. Understanding of local political, economic, and social pressures allow us to offer strategic solutions and advice to our clients. In doing so, we are able to achieve greater cooperation from local groups in meeting our client needs.

Consultants in this Partnership offer services and advice to our clients in developing and implementing strategies utilizing proven sustainability concepts in meeting economic and social goals.